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xander , kibum
Monday, March 14, 20113:42 AM

aku still tak lehh terima xander and kibum dikeluarkan from U-KISS . kenape mesty diorang yg kene klua ?
xander and kibum , dua2 yg paling aku adore dalam U-KISS . seyesly , sedih gila .

beberape komen from KISSME yg aku sokong gila :

Aww Dongho ah... You grew so much.... Makes me feel like an idiot to resent NH Media, and Hoon and AJ but I can't help it. U-KISS without Alexander and uri Kibum ah, is not U-KISS... 

poor kibum:(he's kicked out because he lacks of vocals...if that's so,don't make a boyband from the 1st place if you intend to kick a members from the group...i knew u-kiss because of kibum,and the agency just kick him out .
the most stupid agency i've ever knewn 

 Awwh, that's so sweet of little Dongho, makes me love him more and more. He's so adorable. :3 But, I dunno. I for sure will be supporting Xander & Kibum, but the new members? U-Kiss's comeback without them? I dunno exactly.. I still love you Dongho! <3 That emptiness, when I don't see Xander and Kibum on the stage is still gonna be there.. I'll try my best for Dongho though! ^^ U-Kiss (all 9) and KissMes hwaiting! <3 

 this 3 KISSME's comments come from allkpop